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28 Mar 2023

REBA Technical Guide: Evolving a Financial Wellbeing Strategy

Building a financial wellbeing strategy can appear a daunting prospect. This REBA technical guide, in association with Close Brothers, is designed to help employers with tips and ideas, no matter whether they are starting from scratch or looking to enhance and evolve an existing strategy.

Financial wellbeing is one of the fundamental pillars of employee wellbeing, alongside physical, mental and social wellbeing. Yet has often ignored by employers.

The cost-of-living crisis has shone a powerful light on financial wellbeing and how it can be supported through the workplace.

Personal finances are now near the top of most employees’ agendas; more are struggling with money and so want and need help. Increases in food, fuel and other living costs driven by soaring inflation have caused acute money worries for many households. While current inflationary pressures will hopefully be finite, the crisis has also exposed longer term, more ingrained financial wellbeing challenges such as low general financial resilience and widening financial inequalities.

Poor financial wellbeing is clearly a business risk as well as a personal one, and an important part of the HR agenda. With finances now near the top of most people’s agenda and with all businesses more focused than ever in looking for increased engagement and productivity, with a sensitive approach, now is the perfect time to review financial wellbeing.

Employers can start to help employees build a stronger, more resilient financial future which will help them to better prepare for any future shocks.

What you will find out about:

  • Getting started with financial wellbeing
  • Taking financial wellbeing to the next level
  • Evolving a mature financial wellbeing strategy
  • Checklist covering the key points in this guide
Dawn Lewis

Dawn Lewis

Content Editor, Reward & Employee Benefits Association

Jeanette Makings

Jeanette Makings

Head of Financial Education

Maggie Williams

Maggie Williams

Content Consultant, Reward & Employee Benefits Association

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