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24 Nov 2021
by Dawn Lewis

REBA Thought Leaders: Niamh Graham of Workhuman on using recognition as part of a D&I strategy

Niamh Graham, SVP of global human experience at Workhuman, speaks with Debi O'Donovan, co-founder and director at REBA, about how to use recognition tools and data as a key part of a diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy.

Few employers and employees realise how, if not thought through, recognition can undermine inclusivity or show unconscious bias. But conversely, if used effectively, it can be a key tool to change workplace culture to be fully inclusive.

“Recognition is actually a key to creating a very inclusive workplace culture,” explains Graham. “It increases trust, it increases productivity, it increases innovation. It enables the community to be built around trust and culture.”

She goes on to explain that if this culture is not developed in the right way, micro-biases can get in and detract from the power of recognition in creating a great culture.

For more on this topic, read Workhuman’s report on How Social Recognition Data Can Inform Your DE&I Strategy.

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