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Report: Employee wellbeing: the changing dynamics of financial health

This report from LCP explores the impacts of Covid-19 on the nation’s financial health, the changing landscape of financial behaviour and the role of the workplace. 

Report: Employee wellbeing: the changing dynamics of financial health 1

This report is based on a survey of 10,000 UK employees. It presents direct comparisons with the findings from LCP’s 2020 report, which was conducted prior to the global pandemic, measuring the impacts on financial health from day-to-day money management, right through to employees' financial futures.

Key findings

  • Financial health is still a top three worry for employees.
  • One in four has less than one month’s savings.
  • One in four are able to save more – but are they making informed decisions about saving?
  • Two in five employees do not feel in control of their financial future.
  • Three in four rank pensions as the most valuable employee benefit.
  • More than half (56%) say they get little or no wellbeing-related communication from their employer.

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