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Report: The Great Resignation and burnout

The Great Resignation, also known as The Big Quit, is a global, ongoing phenomenon that has dissatisfied employees leaving their jobs in record numbers. Koa Health’s report draws parallels between the pandemic, burnout and The Great Resignation.

Report: The Great Resignation and burnout 1

Key findings:

  • The biggest in increase in resignations is among mid-career employees aged 30-45
  • nearly 70% of UK workers say they’re ready to move jobs
  • 90% of young employees think mental health is as important as physical health.

Additionally, the most common reasons cited for quitting include not feeling valued by their organizations (54%) and not feeling a sense of belonging at work (51%). While many workplaces are responding with transactional remedies, ie, increased compensation and perks, employees are more likely to care about relational factors, such as feeling appreciated and supported at work.

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