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06 Apr 2016

What's on the happiness wishlist for employees?

When it comes to the things that create a happy workplace and engaged workers, employers and employees need to be on the same page. But as a recent study by recruitment firm Robert Half discovered, there is a significant mismatch between what employees want and what employers think they would like.




What employees want:

Asked which of the following perks, which excluded additional pay and compensation, topped their wish lists for their jobs this year, employees responded with:

38% - More holiday/annual leave
28% - More flexible working hours
16% - More training or professional development opportunities
12% - Home office/telecommuting 
3%   - Other corporate perks, such as ironing services or a subsidised gym 

What employers think their employees want:  

When employers were asked which of the same perks they believed would top their employees' wish lists when it came to their jobs in 2016, their answers were a little different. They responded:

56% - More flexible working hours
23% - More holiday/annual leave 
9%   - Home office/telecommuting
8%   - More training or professional development opportunities 
5%   - Other corporate perks, such as ironing services or a subsidised gym

High levels of employment have sharpened the focus on talent recruitment and retention, and some organisations may be undervaluing the perks that their staff actually value the most, such as additional paid time off.

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