Helping your employees thrive with the new Thrive app

Mental health is the leading cause of sickness absence and an overwhelming 70 million working days are lost each and every year due to mental health problems in the UK.

Helping your employees thrive with the new Thrive app

Everyday pressures of work can often trigger symptoms of stress and anxiety and, while this takes its toll on the employees in question, poor mental health can have major repercussions for employers and business performance, too. It is estimated that around 560,000 workers have work-related stress, depression or anxiety which, due to the high number of lost working days, is costing Britain up to £2.4 billion each year.

We truly understand that looking after your employees spans so much more than just physical health and that’s why we’re passionate about providing products that help to improve mental wellbeing among workforces. The latest addition to the Health Shield suite of products aims to do exactly that – meet Thrive.

Thrive is an innovative app that can help to identify and manage mental health conditions among your staff, while also providing advice on how to improve and maintain mental wellbeing. The app is available now on Tailored Health Cash Plans.

Thrive helps to alleviate stress and anxiety among your workforce. It detects, manages and improves mental health and seeks to provide guidance on a number of common conditions. Backed by clinical research and built using proven behavioural therapies and mindfulness exercises, it can encourage support-seeking behaviour and detect issues before they progress.

Once users are signed up, the app provides them with eight areas to explore:

  1. Mood meter – Track your mood and see which activities work best for you.
  2. Thought trainer – Use personalised cognitive behavioural therapy to re-frame negative thoughts.
  3. Goal system – Set goals that incorporate both physical and mental activities.
  4. Progress – Keep track of your good and not-so-good days, reminding yourself of what works well for you.
  5. Relaxation techniques – Try a mixture of calm breathing, meditation, deep muscle relaxation and progressive relaxation to improve mental wellbeing.
  6. Wellbeing guides – Get tailored support every step of the way, based on your mood meter.
  7. Zen garden – Design your own peaceful paradise to take your mind off the stresses and strains of everyday life.
  8. Message in a bottle – Receive a completely confidential, anonymous feel-good message…and send them too!

Download a copy of our eBook or learn more about the Thrive app.

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