Video: REBA Innovation Day 2016: Why technology is key to improving productivity

Businesses must do more to recognise and address productivity levels in their organisations, since only small changes can have big impacts, says Mark Scanlon, CEO of Personal Group.

Watch Personal Group's session 'Ways to increase productivity at your organisation through the strategic use of technology' in full

Speaking at the REBA Innovation Day 2016, Scanlon said the UK lagged behind many other countries. “We have a gap. The Germans can go to work for four days and do what we do in five, he said. There are a myriad of reasons – education, investment etc but one of the key things is how do we as managers improve that gap,” he said.

“If all of us as managers did more on productivity then we could improve the economy in the UK. It’s really possible to be able to do that,” he said.

Technology – and mobiles in particular – were key in enabling productivity improvementms he said, especially with the ease of app development and integration. However he said organisations had to remember the end user in all that they do. “The experience has got to be a corporate to consumer experience – an Amazon-like experience,” he said.

This video was recorded at the REBA Innovation Day 2016.  

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