Video tutorial: Aon's Jon Bryant on how to develop an effective communication strategy for wellbeing

A great brand is far more than logo, colours and everything you associate with it, according to Jon Bryant, director online and communications at Aon. “It’s about how you can use a brand to make you feel differently,” he said.

Speaking at the Employee Wellbeing Congress 2018 he said companies should look at what can be used to change behaviour in order to develop an effective communication strategy around wellbeing. “Brand is the icing on the cake. If you get it wrong it can make a profound difference,” he said.

He explained that using data to focus spend was vital when it comes to developing brand and communication around wellbeing. “With the right data you can focus on something people care about,” he said. “You’ve got to ultimately make people feel differently to change their behaviours."

“Getting the right data allows you to create a platform for success,” he added. He outlined a number of case studies that the company had worked with to prove his point.

He said when looking at brand, businesses needed to focus on four key things – impact and simplicity, relevance and emotion. 

This video was recorded at the Employee Wellbeing Congress 2018, held in London on 5 July.

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