Video tutorial: How to overcome the image problem of EAPs

EAPs have an image problem. “Part of the challenge with EAPs is they are seen as something to fix a problem once it’s started,” said Jo Elphick, head of marketing at Metlife.

Watch Metlife's session on how to make EAPs a cornerstone of your wellbeing strategy in full.

Speaking at the REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress 2017 she said the value of an EAP is far broader than the usage rates you get out of it.

Instead of the stigma surrounding EAPs Elphick explained how employers can make their EAP a cornerstone of their wellbeing strategy by better defining and communicating their EAPs.

“It’s about rethinking how we communicate EAPs, that can really start to unlock the value. How do we brand them, how do we introduce them to employees and make them think differently to how we’ve talked about them in the past,” she said.

EAPs need a facelift, she admitted. But she said the use of EAPs needed to be normalised too, so that employees felt there was less of a stigma to use them. Introducing wellness champions, who could simply be good communicators in the business, could be used to promote use of EAPs internally too. The use of line managers was the most important key to unlocking employee resistance to EAPs too, she said.

This video tutorial was recorded at the REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress 2017 which took place on 22 June.

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