Video tutorial: Salary Finance’s Dhiren Master on better understanding financial fitness personas

Understanding people and their priorities is vital to help better frame financial wellness strategies, according to Dhiren Master, CMO of Salary Finance. However employers need to look at their employees through a different lens to understand their financial fitness persona rather than simply rely on traditional sterotypes, he suggested.

Speaking at the REBA Innovation Day, he said companies need to look at the use of social media amongst different age groups as well as understand the difference of behaviour and priorities between milliennials and boomers.

He introduced the concept of five financial fitness personas – ranging from those who are not in control to those who have financial freedom and suggested using the fitness score persona to understand how employees in organisations were doing financially and how employers could better target their financial wellbeing offerings to them.

“If you look at the financial fitness score personas each one has a very different requirement. If you don’t know the personas or the mix in your organisation you will end up giving them something they don’t really need,” he said.

This video was recorded at the REBA Innovation Day 2018, held in London on 22 November.


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