The Reward and Employee Benefits Association aims to be the the aggregator of all relevant reports produced by ourselves, our Associate Members or independent bodies.

REBA research: REBA conducts indepth reports into both technical and high level issues. These are free for REBA Professional Members to download. Professional Members need to be logged in to access the reports.

Third party research: We provide a short description of each report with a link to where the original document is held online.

Latest Reports

Report: Impact of COVID-19 on pay, bonuses, benefits, health insurances and employment contracts

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Research: Gender Pay Gap Research Report


Survey: State of the Sector 2020

This global survey of the internal communication landscape from gatehouse offers data and insi...

Research: What has driven the rise of in-work poverty?

This research looks at why most people in poverty now live in a family with someone in work; a...

Report: Ethnic Diversity Enriching Business Leadership

An update on The Parker Review shows there has been slow progress on the ethnic diversity of F...

White paper: Pay trends 2020

Innecto’s latest white paper brings together predictions for pay and reward, with econom...