Report: Aon Global Benefits

Aon's Global Benefits study seeks to solicit a deeper insight into the operational management of global benefit programmes. In particular, it looked at whether the deployment of a Centre of Excellence (COE) approach can make a real difference in the effective management of such programmes, as well as the factors which drive the success of a COE.

Key findings:

  • The majority of participant organisations utilise a COE to manage their global employee benefit programme.
  • While the trend to establish COEs generally is decreasing, the trend to establish discrete global employee benefits COEs is increasing.
  • Global technology platforms are utilised widely across all organisations. However, such systems are not being utilised in a fully effective manner to support the management of global employee benefit programmes.
  • Looking over the next three years, organisations with COEs do not intend to make any great changes to the way in which they manage their global employee benefit programmes. Organisations without a COE have more ambitious plans to centralise management.