Report: Closing the gender pay gap

This Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report looks at the number of employers who have published an explanation of their gender pay gap figures or an action plan to show what they are doing to reduce their gender pay gaps.  

Key findings

  • Only around half of employers in EHRC’s sample had produced an accompanying narrative report alongside their pay gap figures. A number of these were high level and contained little detail or clear commitments to future action.
  • Employers with fewer than 499 staff were less likely than larger employers to publish a narrative report as part of their gender pay gap reporting.
  • Around one in five employers had produced an identifiable action plan that was time-bound and included target-driven activities. However, only 11 per cent had set themselves targets that would enable them to measure the progress of their plans year-on-year.
  • In many cases, employers’ action plans made a general reference to activities they would undertake, such as ‘reviewing flexible working policies’, without stating when they might do this or, in some cases, their purpose for doing so.

The EHRC believe that all employers should be required by law to publish this information, particularly action plans that are time-bound and include specific and measurable targets.