Report: Everything you need to know about Gender Pay Gap Reporting

With the 2017 gender pay gap for full-time employees still 9.1% (and a whopping 14.5% for all workers combined), 3R Strategy has produced a report explaining the key areas employers need to familiarise themselves with about pay gap reporting.

It includes everything from whether they are even covered by new reporting legislation, to what counts as an ‘employee’, and what calculations they need to input (and how).

The report clarifies potential misunderstandings, including:

  • What happens about bonus payments (if an employee earns a bonus under a long-term incentive and defers the payments)
  • The need to collect weekly working hours of all full-time employees (including paid or unpaid overtime)
  • Differences between the mean and median pay gaps or bonuses

It also has suggestions for how to take the narrative of pay gaps to external providers and employees