Report: Global Employee Benefits Watch 2018/19

This report sheds light on the increase of benefits costs for global employers and how benefits professionals are reaching a tipping point; there are so many demands on the function that inaction is no longer an option. 

Thomsons Online Benefits’ report includes insights from global HR and reward professionals and their employees.

Key findings

  • 82 per cent of organisations taking part in the research said their number one global benefits strategy objective was to ‘attract and retain talent’, followed by ‘enhance employee engagement’ (65 per cent) and ‘promote employee health and wellbeing’ (52 per cent).
  • This year achieving “tighter control of global costs” has become an even higher priority initiative for 63 per cent of respondents’ benefits strategies.
  • In addition to the 44 per cent of organisations that have implemented communication around life events (either in all countries or some), a further 32 per cent are either considering or are in the process of starting to communicate a self-service approach on life changes.
  • 46 per cent of organisations do not measure the impact of global benefits programmes on employee engagement.
  • 59 per cent of organisations using Human Capital Management and global benefits software reported that it successfully led to greater security when storing and transferring data either in all countries or some.

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