White paper: Unlocking the power in your people

Aon’s latest paper outlines why data and empathy are both needed to drive digital transformation. Find out why people still matter more than technology and how HR leaders should be rethinking the way they approach people, jobs, reward and performance. 

Key findings

  • The fusion of rewards, people analytics, and performance drivers should be on the mind of every HR leader today.
  • Smart employers will develop a reward approach that relies on both data and empathy to maximise employee satisfaction and employer return on investment.
  • To build a workforce that ignites innovation and better meets the changing expectations of your customers, business leaders must embrace a strategic approach to planning.
  • Your people strategy must go beyond attracting and retaining the key talent you need now. It must also focus on creating an environment that promotes continuous growth once people join your team.
  • Modern assessment tools can substantially increase the odds of hiring the right candidate by applying rigor, fairness and validity in assessing target capabilities.