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14 Jun 2024

A balancing act: how to support working parents and meet business needs

The cost of childcare can place financial strain on working parents leading to heightened levels of stress and lower productivity, so how can employers help?

A balancing act: how to support working parents and meet business needs.jpg


How do you balance running a business with ensuring parents are supported emotionally and financially? Is offering parental leave enough? What more could we as employers be doing?

The data is stark: 37.1% of parents have used credit cards, taken out a loan or borrowed money from family or friends, and more than half have reduced their working hours to afford childcare, according to research from Pregnant then Screwed.

This is just as much a problem for employers as it is for the individual employees. The links between stress and productivity are proven, and with more than 50% of parents having to reduce their working hours because of childcare costs, there’s significant strain on business resources too.

Join Octopus Money on July 3rd at 17:30, where you’ll hear from experts including Kora Kids and Nugget Savings on how we can start to solve a workplace challenge everyone’s facing. They’ll be a panel discussion, followed by breakout groups with peers.

You’ll leave with an understanding of the broader challenges facing both parents and workplaces, and actions that we as HR, reward and benefits professionals can take back to our workplaces and implement.

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