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20 Oct 2023
by Samantha Barrett

Dr Mridula Pore of Peppy on how to remove taboos around women’s health

Removing the taboos around women’s health can create a culture where all employees feel able to ask for help

Dr Mridula Pore of Peppy on how to remove taboos around women’s health.jpg


Encouraging conversations about women’s health is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to smashing taboos, said Dr Mridula Pore, co-CEO and co-founder of Peppy.

Speaking on the Closing the gender wealth gap by closing the women’s health gap REBA webinar on 1 March 2023, Pore said: “It gives permission for these conversations to happen in the workplace and for employers to hear what employees need.”

Encouragingly, REBA’s poll of webinar attendees found that many organisations have women’s health on the agenda. More than one-quarter (28%) already have a strategy to support women’s wellbeing, with a further 42% working on it.  

Line manager training is also crucial, according to Pore. She said this gives managers the confidence to talk to employees. “The worst thing is when someone approaches a manager who’s not equipped and they fumble the conversation,” she said.

Policies are the final part of the jigsaw. “Having appropriate policies enables employees to get the support they need. This could be simple things like getting additional uniforms or having bathroom breaks through to medical support, time off and other arrangements.”