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20 Feb 2024
by Dawn Lewis

Communicating financial wellbeing in a diverse workforce with Entain’s Gregg Hall

Through its goal of easing the burden of the cost of living, Entain is tailoring its messages to ensure they reach as many colleagues as possible

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Financial wellbeing messages need to be tailored to their audience, Gregg Hall, Pensions, Benefits and Share Plans Manager at Entain, told the Ways financial wellbeing is being reshaped to meet strategic HR goals REBA webinar on 19 October.

How it’s helping people

Hall said that one of its goals is to ease the financial burden for its people, which has stemmed first from rising energy costs and then to the wider cost of living crisis.

“We try to have a suite of benefits that supports people at all stages of life at any point on their financial journey… and that incorporates all sorts of things. Whether it’s workplace savings, loans deducted from pay, discounts platform, just a different suite [of benefits] that can help people at whatever stage of their life.”

Central to this idea is ensuring that there is a diverse approach to communicating with people about financial wellbeing. As Hall pointed out, the way you explain it or the examples you might use would be different depending on who you were talking to.

Connection between DEI and financial wellbeing 

Entain has a diverse workforce and therefore needs to tailor its message to make sure it reaches everybody.

“We have several employee networks, and we ran a masterclass with our women’s network, which focused on saving and investing. We chose this topic because we’ve seen research that shows, statistically, women are more likely to spend money on homes and families, rather than prioritise saving.
“We had a great woman speaker come in, and give some really tangible advice and tips on breaking down the myths behind investing, and that it’s not as difficult as we think is, and how to build a savings habit,” said Hall.

Another event aimed at improving financial wellbeing was held during Trans Awareness Week. The Pride and Prosperity Masterclass, with its global LGBTQ+ network, focused on statistics relating to that community and offered practical tips about budgeting, financial goals and how to reach them.

Using data to understand DEI gaps

In addition to tailoring messages, Hall highlighted the importance of understanding your data to see who’s using your benefits and who isn’t. 

“Why aren’t young black people engaging with your share save scheme? Why are more men taking out the workplace savings product, when statistically we need the women to be doing that? Is it the language you’re using? Is it the communication method that you’re using?” said Hall. “So just try different things.”

At Entain, messages are not always formal. Often they use internal social networks, such as Yammer, to send tailored messages to particular communities to talk about what matters to them.

“It’s just trying different things and none of these things are difficult. Writing a message in a social channel takes a few minutes. Even if you get two or three people engage with it, it's two or three more than you had before,” said Hall.  


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