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HCA report: Women’s Health in the Workplace

This HCA UK guide to women’s health aims to help employers create a more diverse and inclusive workforce where all employees can thrive.

Health challenges are just one of the problems women face in the workplace. Across a range of conditions and life experiences, including periods, pregnancy, fertility and the menopause, women often face barriers that make these challenges more difficult than they need to be. Inflexibility in working arrangements or a lack of reasonable accommodations for female employees means it’s not just women’s health that suffers but also their economic prospects and their careers.

Many corporations are now making efforts to address the challenges women face and set right inequities that have held women back or forced them to drop out of the workforce altogether.

The support employers offer can make a significant difference to staff engagement, absence levels and retention. Productivity can suffer when staff go unsupported, not just for an individual, but across an entire business.

This guide to women’s health, written by HCA UK experts, can help you create a more diverse and inclusive workforce where all employees can thrive. It contains information and resources on:

  • Cancer
  • Menopause
  • Endometriosis and PCOS

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