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19 Aug 2019

How to offer free financial advice to all employees – even if you have a large or diverse workforce

When it comes to financial advice, the challenge that many organisations face is how to reach a large or diverse workforce. How can you engage staff with financial advice as part of a comprehensive financial wellness strategy, if you simply can’t offer them the face-to-face opportunities you would like to, especially if they are not based at head office?


Improving accessibility is key if employers are to address the financial wellness issues of all their staff, not just some. At Charles Cameron & Associates we already have a comprehensive, flexible approach. We work with more than 160 partner companies and serve a client base of more than 220,000 employees.

We can provide your staff with mortgage advice which is completely free of charge to both them and to you as their employer. As such, our financial advice service can help to alleviate the stress associated with one of the biggest financial liabilities your staff will face – whether they are looking to buy a property, release equity from their home or remortgage to a more suitable product.

Our solution is highly bespoke, delivering online and workplace-based education sessions and information resources, along with with face-to-face advice meetings and mortgage application support services for your staff.

Addressing the challenge of dispersed workforces

Providing face-to-face advice works brilliantly from a logistical point of view for those companies where staff are concentrated in one, or a small number of locations. However, for many companies this is not the case – their scale means staff are wide-spread in multiple locations around the UK, which can make providing face-to-face advice more of a challenge. This similarly applies to companies that promote flexi and home-working environments.

At Charles Cameron & Associates we understand the huge value of providing mortgage advice to employees and we want to be able to help all staff, anywhere, with their mortgage queries – including large public and private sector employers with wide-spread UK-based staff.

More advisers than ever

To achieve this, we have recently partnered with the Mortgage Advice Bureau. By working with their UK wide network of more than 1,200 highly experienced and top-rated advisers, this has allowed us to extend our reach. Our aim is to offer a quality financial wellness package that is inclusive of all industry sectors, UK regions and employee demographics.

To address the challenge of assisting larger, more diversely spread employee populations, our new service with the Mortgage Advice Bureau will be mainly telephone-based. However, as with our traditional offering, we can also offer online meetings and face-to-face options for individual clients, if preferred.

Charles Cameron & Associates will still be offering our bespoke workplace-based mortgage education and advice services to new corporate partners. However, for those companies that want to offer free mortgage advice to remote, demographically wide-spread, or very large workforces, our new telephone advice service, delivered in partnership with the Mortgage Advice Bureau could be the perfect fit.

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