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17 Jan 2018

The power of car benefits schemes to attract and retain employees

We’ve blinked and it’s already the middle of January. It’s traditionally a time when employees evaluate their roles, resulting in an increased number of people searching for a new job.

E547-1516110220_ItsnottoolatetoMAIN.jpg Becoming a sought-after employer is not an easy feat. One really simple way of improving your organisation’s attractiveness for job seekers lies within the benefits package you provide.

Professionals are no longer just looking for an attractive salary. There’s a whole mix of benefits which could make the difference between a candidate accepting an interview and passing you over.

Car benefit schemes have been proven to be highly effective in not only attracting sought-after candidates, but also retaining them once they’ve joined an organisation.

Simple to set up and manage, car benefit schemes can provide employees with a brand new car of their choice, complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, servicing, maintenance and tyres.

Organisations have seen excellent results on retention since the introduction of such schemes. The London Ambulance Service set up their scheme in 2016 and have halved their employee turnover levels.

Their power to attract and retain staff mean it could be time for your organisation to think about a car benefit scheme too. 

This article was provided by Tusker. 

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