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29 May 2018

Making the link between engagement and productivity

Employee engagement is a hugely important aspect of your HR strategy, and it’s clear to see why. According to global research from ORC International, only 58 per cent of employees in the UK feel as though they are engaged at work and this can impact an organisation’s overall productivity.


What is employee engagement?

According to the CIPD, employee engagement encompasses various areas, including intellectual, social and affective aspects. Therefore, the full picture of engagement involves employees feeling positive about their role, actively thinking about their role and ways to contribute to their organisation, as well as taking the time to discuss their work with colleagues.

The link between engagement and productivity

With most employees spending a huge portion of their lives at work, it’s unlikely that they will perform well if their heads aren’t in the game.

Highly engaged employees are more likely to be focused on their work and feel positive, motivated and driven to do well. This means increased productivity and performance, benefiting their organisation as a result.

Boosting your employees’ engagement can have positive effect on your organisation’s productivity, as a result of:

  • Reduced staff turnover – more engaged employees will be more likely to want to stay at their workplace, meaning they will have the opportunity to progress and improve, and employees will spend less time training new starters.
  • Increased motivation – employees feeling positive about their role at work can also help to boost motivation. This can have a knock-on effect on productivity, spurred on by the drive to do well.
  • A positive working environment – if your employees are happy and comfortable to share their ideas and opinions with the team, they will be more likely put additional effort into what they are doing and work together to achieve targets.

In summary

To get the best out of their employees, employers need to encourage a workplace atmosphere that promotes valuing the hard work of staff and taking their views and ideas into account. There are many benefits that can help to do this, including discount schemes and supporting wellbeing through health and financial benefits.

All of this can help you on your way to becoming a winning workplace – one that believes in its employees and encourages them to do well.

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