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MetLife UK report: The Last Word: Tackling the death and funeral planning taboo

The study looks at the experiences, attitudes and behaviours of those who have faced a bereavement and funeral planning in the last two years

Almost a quarter of 2,000 adults surveyed for the research say that the cost of a funeral for their loved one was more expensive than they had anticipated, and 11% had to alter plans to keep costs down. 

People spent an average of almost £5,000 on a funeral for their loved ones, rising to more than £6,000 for 24% of respondents.

At what is already an emotional and difficult time, the research uncovers the additional stresses and impacts people face when planning a funeral.

Key findings

  • 45% of those who recently helped plan a funeral confirm they were ‘stressed’ when it came to the cost, with almost one in five (18%) ‘extremely stressed’
  • A quarter of people said they struggled to make decisions at the same time they were trying to grieve
  • When asked what would make the process easier, 23% said knowing the deceased’s wishes would be followed

October 2023

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