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16 Oct 2018

REBA Technical training guide to building a physical wellbeing strategy

The benefits of looking after your employees' physical health are wide-ranging. Having a workforce that is physically healthy has a positive effect on mental health, reduces sickness absence, boosts productivity and decreases the risk of employees developing serious, long-term health conditions.

Physical wellbeing is a key pillar within many workplace wellbeing strategies. Figures from the CIPD and Simplyhealth Health Wellbeing at Work 2018 report reveal that in over three-fifths of organisations, health and wellbeing activity is designed to promote physical health.

In this Technical Guide we explore why physical health matters at work, and identify key elements of a physical wellbeing strategy, including:

  • How to build the right strategy for your organisation
  • How to reach the whole workforce
  • The building blocks of physical wellbeing
  • Measures of success for employers and employees

And, take the quiz at the end to test your knowledge.

In this technical guide we explain how to build, monitor and measure a physical health strategy at work.


  • Sponsor’s comment page 3
  • Why physical wellbeing matters page 4
  • How to build the right strategy for your organisation page 5
  • Reach the whole workforce page 6
  • The building blocks of physical wellbeing page 7
  • Measures of success for employers page 8
  • Measures of success for employees page 8
  • Quiz page 9
  • Who we are page 10

About the author

Sam Barrett is a freelance journalist specialising in employee benefits, protection and personal finance.

With more than 20 years' experience, she has edited a number of magazines and websites since starting out on trade publication Planned Savings. Sam went freelance in 2000 and has written for a variety of trade and consumer publications including Moneywise, Employee Benefits, Reward and Corporate Adviser.

She has won many awards for her journalism including the Association of British Insurers' Freelance Financial Journalist of the Year, Protection Review's Outstanding Contribution to Protection Journalism and Headlinemoney's Financial Healthcare Journalist of the Year.

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