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14 Oct 2021
by Dawn Lewis

REBA Thought Leaders: The workplace physical wellbeing dilemma

Matthew Gregson, executive director, UK corporate at Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing, speaks with Maggie Williams, content director at REBA, about some of the findings from our recent research, The workplace physical wellbeing dilemma, and how employers can address the issues raised.


00:00 – Introduction

01:12 – Employers and physical wellbeing

04:33 – Getting employees engaged

07:59 – Future priorities

Physical wellbeing is a major risk factor in the workplace, with musculo-skeletal issues, sedentary behaviour, and poor sleep quality hitting employees’ ability to perform at their best. But throughout the pandemic, many employers’ thinking has been focused on supporting employees’ mental health – possibly to the detriment of physical factors.

“Physical wellbeing has been somewhat of a ‘left’ or ‘lost’ pillar of wellbeing in the last couple of years,” believes Gregson.

“But importantly, healthcare claims and absences from the workplace are still predominately impacted by physical factors and physical ailments. And as a result, if we want to see an improvement in business performance, and if we feel committed to supporting employee physical wellbeing, then we have to do something about it because it has certainly been left behind in the last two years.”

The workplace physical wellbeing dilemma research asks, what can we do to engage employees more effectively with their physical wellbeing across the whole workforce, especially as we move into the new era of hybrid working? And this is the key question discussed by Gregson and Williams during this video interview.

For more insight, download The workplace physical wellbeing dilemma report, devised by REBA together with Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing.

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