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Report: Fertility in the workplace

This report provides insight from individuals who have experienced fertility challenges alongside a career, to determine what impact there has been on workplace performance and dynamics.

Report: Fertility in the workplace 1

Fertifa partnered with Fertility Network UK to raise awareness of the difficulties that the road to conception can have on individuals – and, more importantly, what companies can do to support their employees.

Key findings

  • The impact of fertility struggles on working life is high. 72% rate the impact as “high” or “very high” and 38% have seriously considered leaving their job specifically because of their personal journey.  
  • Encouragingly, almost 80% of people did tell their employer about their fertility journey, suggesting that the workplace taboo is starting to break.
  • However, 60% of people were not honest about the time taken off for appointments and fertility-related illness, indicating that there is still work to be done with getting workplace policies right and in instilling a culture of openness. 

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