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Report: Rethinking financial wellbeing

Employees from the FTSE Top 50 businesses have access to some of the biggest and best-funded benefits packages in the UK. But despite the millions of pounds spent each year, most employees still worry about money.

Report: Rethinking financial wellbeing  1

Using data from its survey of over 1,000 full-time employees at FTSE Top 50 companies, Octopus MoneyCoach uncovered new insight that reveals the drivers of money worries and the financial wellbeing initiatives that make the biggest impact.

Key findings:

  • more than 95% of employees in the 50 biggest UK companies still worry about money
  • 41% couldn’t agree that their employer strongly supports their financial wellbeing, including those earning over £30,000
  • 89% of employees want help with their finances.

Employees who are not clear about their goals actually feel worse about their future, as the majority (73%) of people who aren’t clear don’t feel positive about their future. Just under half (46%) of employees in the FTSE 50 don’t feel very clear about their financial goals.

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