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23 Nov 2023

Stephanie Leung of KareHero: Defusing the demographic timebomb with better support for workplace carers

Stephanie Leung, Co-Founder/CEO at KareHero, speaks at the REBA Future Forum 2023.

This 20-minute video from REBA’s Future Forum investigates how to defuse the demographic timebomb with better support for workplace carers. The session covers:

  • The ageing population crisis: the latest global stats and facts and how this will impact the future of work
  • Getting ahead of the latest legislation, regulations and enhanced leave for working carers
  • How to take steps today to support the mental, physical and emotional health of workplace carers without breaking the bank
  • Effective HR policies on ways of working that improve productivity and engagement among carers
  • Helping employees to prioritise self-care through company-organised activities and access to digital services to support a sustainable workforce.

In partnership with KareHero

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