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06 Oct 2021
by Jamie Mackenzie

Three changes to consider to your benefits offering now that hybrid working is here

Hybrid working is here to stay, with data from a YuLife survey revealing that 75% of workers want a hybrid approach going forward, while a survey commissioned by Clear Review found that 46% of employees say they would look for a new job if a clear hybrid working policy wasn’t in place.




These findings are not a surprise. Hybrid working allows for a middle ground between remote and office work, while maintaining some of the benefits of both. Many employees who have been working from home have seen an improvement in work-life balance and productivity. However, coming back into the office can also help with any feelings of isolation and the blurring between the home and workspace that remote working can cause.

Companies like TUI UK, Primary and Zoom have all announced their hybrid working policies, which vary from allowing their employees full flexibility to choose where and how they work, to employers determining the number of days their teams need to be present in the office.

Regardless of the exact details of the hybrid working policy, one thing every company needs to consider is their employee benefits. With many perks and benefits being centralised around an office, now is the time for a revamp!  

Here are changes you need to make to your benefits now that hybrid working is here…

1. Going beyond flexible working

With many companies offering some form of remote or hybrid working, offering flexible working as a benefit will no longer help you attract talent. Your other perks and benefits will need to be that much more appealing to help you beat your competition.

One thing to consider is going beyond flexibility in terms of location and extending it to the hours your employees are expected to work. We are all productive at different times of the day, so why not allow your employees the chance to make the most of when they work best. Plus, it allows them to fit in their home commitments around their work life.

2. Refresh your office socials

After work socials were one of the things 31% of employees were looking forward to about an office return, according to a study by Office Furniture Online. Now, after work drinks on a Friday might not be the best way to reinvigorate office socials, especially with teams working on different days. Why not encourage your teams to set up a smaller get together like a virtual cookery class, a walk at lunch (weather permitting) or a book club?

Plus, make use of your internal comms channels to make sure there is space for teams to socialise. This could be asking them what their weekend plans are or getting them to share pictures when they’ve come back from a holiday.

3. Swap free food for discounts, vouchers, or cashback

One of the perks about being in the office is often the free food and endless cups of tea or coffee. That doesn’t have to stop, even if your teams are remote working that day. Why not swap provided hot drinks for a gift card so employees can treat themselves, wherever they are based.

Whatever your benefit changes are, don’t forget to talk about them!

There’s no use in having an amazing benefits package if your employees (and potential candidates) don’t know about it. Use your regular communication channels to remind your teams about what’s on offer, and how they can access them.

The author is Jamie Mackenzie, director at Sodexo Engage.

This article is provided by Sodexo Engage.

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