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30 Aug 2018
by Liz Morrell

Video tutorial: Nuffield Health’s Marcus Herbert on the value of data-driven wellbeing strategies

Using data effectively can allow you to create interventions that help staff have better, more meaningful outcomes, according to Marcus Herbert, health assessment business lead at Nuffield Health.

Presenting at the Employee Wellbeing Congress 2018, he said data was crucial to creating the right interventions that were targeted to employee needs.

“Knowing your objectives is important,” he said. Herbert used examples of interventions Nuffield Health had already put in place for clients where the company had looked at cause and objectives rather than just the overall picture.

He said that by collecting data, such as alcohol consumption and exercise, companies could understand the lifestyle factors that impacted employee health. Again he said using data was key.

“Something as simple as using a pedometer or just tracking steps has been found to not only increase participation in activity but to reduce absence by 30 per cent,” he said. “Using the data in the right way and putting in place interventions that are meaningful has been found to reduce absenteeism and therefore reduce spend and improve employee outcomes,” he said.

He added that using the data to help evolve wellbeing strategies was also vital.

This video was recorded at the Employee Wellbeing Congress 2018, held in London on 5 July.

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