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27 Jan 2023

Ways to support disability inclusion in the workplace

Supporting disabled employees in the workplace not only makes for more inclusive organisations, but also makes business sense

With more than 4.7 million disabled people in work, it’s important that organisations create accessible and inclusive workplaces to help everybody thrive at work. 

Organisations with diverse and inclusive workplaces boast a number of benefits; not only does it make for happier working conditions for employees, it improves productivity and makes your team more relatable to clients, customers and your community.
Around one in five people have a disability and it’s important to recognise that not all disabilities are visible. During this eight-minute video, Dr Naveen Puri, associate clinical director at Bupa, discusses how business owners and managers can best support disabled employees in the workplace, providing practical advice on how organisations can build a more diverse and inclusive workplace that supports everyone.

For more tips on how organisations can support disability inclusion, join Bupa’s live event on Wednesday 8 February at 11:00, where experts will discuss the role inclusive workplace wellbeing can play to tackle the disability employment gap.

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