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21 Oct 2021

Webinar: Could your financial wellbeing programme be undermining diversity and inclusivity?

Life is unfair and in large, this is because the personal finance ecosystem does not work equally for all people. The advice gap, the poverty premium, nepotism, the loyalty penalty are all examples of this inequity. But a proactive relationship with money is critical, so the personal finance ecosystem needs to work for everyone for it to be inclusive, not exclusive.

Employers are uniquely placed to solve this problem. They can put in place workplace financial wellbeing offerings that get to the crux of the issue. Not just by providing financial benefits that cater to all employees – but also ensuring each employee has the skills and knowledge tailored to them as individuals to maximise this support and take control of their finances.

In this webinar you will hear from forward thinking employers on how to apply new thinking and actions to your strategy to create a truly diverse and inclusive financial wellbeing programme.

The webinar explores key issues including the ways in which the financial system in the wider world is exclusive, and what this means for workplace financial wellbeing, as well as what needs to change to ensure all employees and workers are included.

The webinar also includes practical tips on what a financial wellbeing programme with supported diversity looks like and who could it appeal to. And how focussing on the inclusivity of a workplace financial wellbeing programme can support internal DEI objectives, as well as external CSR and ESG targets.

Chaired by REBA's director and co-founder, Debi O'Donovan, the panel included:

  • Lorna MacMillan, Global Head of Benefits, A.P. Moller – Maersk
  • Ian Shannon, Total Reward Manager, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Tim Perkins, Co-founder, nudge.

This webinar is brought to you with strategic partner, nudge.

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