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30 Sep 2021
by Anna Scott

Video tutorial: Why wellbeing needs to be at the heart of your business change strategy

Dr Wolfgang Seidl, partner and leader of workplace health consulting UK and Europe, and Alana Rae, specialities growth leader at Mercer Marsh Benefits, discuss how to align corporate culture and human values – putting wellbeing, environment and inclusion into the DNA of an organisation. 

“There are lots of different challenges when thinking about how to embed wellbeing as part of your business strategy. Three problems: change speeds at great pace. Everything is being dealt with in siloes. The people risk is huge and that impacts your business as well,” Rae said.

Wellbeing strategies cross over with diversity and inclusion and flexibility too. “It’s so easy to lament about mental health, what we need to do is dig deeper and find out root causes. There are demographics, women are still discriminated against, ethnic minorities are, we have LGBTQ members of the team who show significantly higher incidence rate of mental distress, we have financial worries and so on. It’s worth digging down like an epidemiologist would,” said Dr Seidl.

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