Mirka Slater: How technology could change the reward director's remit

Mirka Slater, benefits manager at Facebook describes how benefits managers and technology will work together in the future.

Mirka Slater benefits manager at Facebook

"In the immediate future, there will be a combination of technology and humans working together. We all know the reward area has got a lot of administration and at the same time, there’s a lot of smart ways we can make reward really efficient, by finding automated solutions and learning about our populations through artificial intelligence, as an example.

"More and more, we need to prove that what we produce and provide is really targeted, something that is of value to the business and the employee. Saying that, there are still areas that need to be managed by a human being. 

"At Facebook, I see a mix of this where there is a big push to look for efficient ways to provide things to employees in an automated way, but a lot of people still feel more comfortable with discussing their own personal situation, face to face, with another person rather than just being pushed to a website or dialling a help desk number. There is still a need for both, which is very nice.

"I believe that bringing the best of both, combining technology with the human aspect, is going to be the winning formula. You cannot yet replace a benefits manager’s enthusiasm and drive via technology!"

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