Rebecca Cox: Iris Worldwide is big on employee wellness

From the day Iris started 17 years ago, the founders have been big on employee wellness. They've always understood that when their people are fit and well mentally they are happier at work and ultimately work harder. This plays a massive role in increasing productivity and staff retention.

By having a wellness director on site – whose role is solely to look after the health and wellbeing of staff – iris’ founders have really been able to show just how important wellness is in an industry that can be pressurised, often has a long-hours culture, and requires sharp and creative people.

The wellness director meets with every member of staff to talk through their health, habits, goals and motivations and create a bespoke plan based on all of the benefits iris offers.

Fruit and veg

This means that everyone can see how the benefits the company offers are relevant to them, and take up of health screenings, free personal training, stress, sleep and nutrition workshops, sports events and challenges is incredibly high.

Staff have a direct line to the wellness director – they are on call whenever they need them. At a desk, on email, on the phone, walking the corridors.

Our wellness director represents one of iris' biggest benefits and also a huge factor in a decrease in costs of absenteeism, presenteeism and staff retention.

They also play a role in our battle of winning the talent war in the creative industry. We attract the best. We look after the best. We keep the best.

This article was written by Rebecca Cox, fitness director, Iris Worldwide


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