Three ways to improve health and wellbeing

Success as an organisation depends heavily on your people. Invest in your employees’ health and wellbeing and you can enable them to come to work feeling happier, healthier, more valued and supported.

Three ways to improve health and wellbeing

However, it can seem daunting for an employer to boost health and wellbeing overall, as it means that employees themselves will have to take a step forwards in improving this, too. Here are some ways to encourage staff to boost their health and wellbeing.

1. Provide health and wellbeing benefits

Health and wellbeing can encompass physical, mental, social and financial aspects. A great thing about employee benefits is that they can be implemented to suit the needs of any organisation, including all of these elements in cost-effective and easy to use schemes.

According to research from REBA, almost all the employers they surveyed said they either had a wellbeing strategy in place, were planning or were thinking about implementing one in the future. This means that it’s never been more important to improve staff retention by implementing benefits, helping you to stay a step ahead of competitors in the fight for talent. These benefits can include private medical insurance, employee assistance programmes and smaller schemes such as gym discounts and much more.

2. Create a workplace culture of good health and wellbeing

While employee benefits can help you on your way of creating a positive workplace culture, it’s also important to incorporate good health and wellbeing routines across the workplace every day. This can encompass small things like encouraging discussion about wellbeing in staff meetings, implementing policies to tackle negativity such as bullying, and letting your employees know that their health and wellbeing comes first. These methods can go hand in hand with employee benefits, improving the workplace culture and helping your employees to feel valued and supported.

3. Raise awareness of health and wellbeing benefits

After implementing employee benefits and using methods to help improve the workplace culture surrounding health and wellbeing, a crucial step is to let your employees know of the great benefits that are available to them.

To help your employees get the most out of what you are offering, it’s a good idea to walk your staff through their employee benefits to raise awareness. You can do this through presentations, meetings or by using resources offered by your employee benefits provider to help workers decide what’s best for them. Encourage them to ask questions so they have all the information at hand and know they have somewhere to go if they are unsure.

Making improvements

By implementing health and wellbeing schemes to suit your workforce and by supporting your employees during everyday work life, you can help to improve engagement and motivation. With this in mind, it’s also a cost-effective way to help you boost retention and recruitment in a way that your employees will thank you for. Remember – your people are the future of your organisation.

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