Video: REBA Innovation Day 2016: How companies are using employee engagement platforms

Technology can be highly effective at driving employee engagement and avoiding losing customers along the way, Dominic Taylor, head of enterprise at Reward Gateway, told delegates at the REBA Innovation Day 2016. 

Watch Reward Gateway’s session ‘How companies are using employee engagement platforms to pull it all together’ in full.

“Employee engagement is a hot topic. We are investing more and more in what we can do to move the needle on engagement but what we are finding is organisations are building out tools they have at their disposal but need to be thinking about employees as the customer,” he said.

He took delegates behind the scenes of the Reward Gateway employee engagement platform SmartHub to show how bringing everything together in one place using technology can help improve engagement. “User experience is so important for employees. People don’t have to use these things – we have to make them want to,” he said.

But with consumer and corporate demand changing so rapidly he asked delegates to help the company by being vocal about what they wanted. “We want to hear what is important to you, the people that will be introducing these kinds of platforms. We believe the technology will change rapidly. Consumer technology is moving at a million miles an hour and we are trying to bridge the gap. A lot of time HR technology isn’t keeping up,” he said.

This video was recorded at the REBA Innovation Day 2016.  

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