Video tutorial: Alaana Linney of Bupa Health Services on focussing on the wellbeing of women

Focussing on the wellbeing of women in your workplace can help to level the playing field, unlocking talent and business potential as a result, according to Alaana Linney, commercial director of Bupa Health Services.

She shared details of a number of reports with the REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress 2019 audience that showed the benefits of inclusion within the workforce. “When the business case has been made by multiple people why are we not doing more to support women?”

She said 47% of the workforce was now made up of women but only 23% of the FTSE 250 boards are women.

Linney highlighted four issues she said impact women but which are often still a taboo in the workplace – menstruation, infertility, pregnancy and menopause. “These things are largely unavoidable.” She revealed figures that showed the scale of the issues on female talent and which proved that women were uncomfortable admitting they were suffering, partly because of an absence of female line managers.

She said women’s health is currently in the space that mental health was five or ten years ago when it was taboo. That has been overcome through businesses normalising the conversation and so now the same needs to happen within women's health. To change the culture policy, services and education need to be overhauled – with buy-in at every point, explained Linney.

This video was recorded at the REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress 2019, held in London on 20 June.

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