Video tutorial: Oracle’s Claire Hallmey reveals three top tips for wellbeing strategy success

A successful wellbeing culture focuses on relevance, simplicity and celebrating success, according to Claire Hallmey, health and wellbeing manager at Oracle.

Speaking at the Employee Wellbeing Congress 2018, Hallmey advised to keeping strategies relevant to your audience but not to overcomplicate things.

“Keep everything really simple and have really clear communications,” she said. “Everyone’s busy so in all of our communications we keep it really simple – for example 'we are doing health checks, sign up here',” she said.

Celebrating success was vital, but that didn’t just have to be the ‘eager beaver’ marathon runners in the workforce.

“We like to celebrate every single success, so for example will also put a prize up for the best selfie of someone doing an activity with their family,” she said. “By doing that we can share what people are doing in work with their private lives and everyone gets to celebrate success in that way,” she said.

This video was recorded at the Employee Wellbeing Congress 2018, held in London on 5 July.

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