Video tutorial: Personal Group’s Marcus Beaver on 5 steps to engage the next generation through tech

Engaging next generation employees via digital means is about having something web-based, accessible and in the cloud. “They are using Amazon – they are expecting something similar and something that’s really easy to use,” said Marcus Beaver, director at Personal Group, speaking at the REBA Innovation Day 2018.

Employers were often using outdated or complicated methods to communicate and engage – rather than a more user-friendly, mobile ability, he told delegates at the event. “They are getting less than the customer experience. The employee experience for that next generation is about taking the consumer experience into the process,” he said.

“It’s not a one size fits all. It’s about remembering that they are human, engaging with them in a way they can be recognised and making mobile a key theme. It’s about giving that consumer grade experience.”

Talking through challenges and solutions he said businesses could transform the employee experience with five key steps. 

This video was recorded at the REBA Innovation Day 2018, held in London on 22 November

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