Video tutorial: Tom Loeffert, HRD EMEA of SAP on the HRD perspective on wellbeing

At SAP wellbeing is at the forefront of the company’s agenda – with impressive benefits as a result, according to SAP’s HRD EMEA Tom Loeffert.

Speaking at the REBA Employee Wellness Congress 2019, he said that a focus on wellness today was needed now more than ever. “The role of HR is in a state of seismic transformation,” he said. That means delivering HR services in a vastly different way to a modern workforce with wellness a key part of that, according to Loeffert.

Today he said that change is the new normal. “As we look at the role of myself and other of my peers around the world we must deliver on the concept of experience and, as we say at SAP, moments that matter.”

The company works on three core pillars of wellbeing – mental, physical and financial – with strategy choices that support the brand but also help to change it in the marketplace, Loeffert explained.

After explaining what the company had done in more detail he said that results speak for themselves with uptakes in everything from employee engagement to staff retention.

This video was recorded at the REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress 2019, held in London on 20 June. 

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