Video tutorial: Wealth Wizards’ Elizabeth Basten on how HR can use technology to raise its profile

An organisation’s brand is defined by both the employee and customer experiences but technology can play an important role in improving both, according to Elizabeth Basten, CMO of Wealth Wizards.

“The brand inside absolutely impacts the brand outside,” she told delegates at the REBA Innovation Day 2018. “The employee experience is interpreted by the way you want your employees to recommend your company as a great place to work to others. When it comes to talent acquisition and employee retention those are the key objectives. Ultimately it works to the concept that people are your brand. They are your internal customers,” she said.

She said leading brands had a purpose in common that was the reason a company existed and which shaped a company’s culture and behaviours. “It’s the role of HR and marketing to take a lead in the organisation to ensure that the purpose becomes more than lip service and becomes part of the fabric of what we do as organisations,” she said.

Marketing and HR are stronger together, explained Basten. To maximise effectiveness she suggested that just as CMOs use marketing automation to manage customer relationships so HRDs can use automation technologies to develop relationships with their own customers – the employees. “Understand your audience, talk to them, learn what the situation is and then segment, target and position accordingly,” she said.  

This video was recorded at the REBA Innovation Day 2018, held in London on 22 November

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