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Report: Impact of COVID-19 on pay, bonuses, benefits, health insurances and employment contracts

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Research: What has driven the rise of in-work poverty?

This research looks at why most people in poverty now live in a family with someone in work; a...

Research: UK Benefits and Trends Survey 2020

Aon has been producing its Benefits and Trends survey since 2010. This latest instalment provi...

How is financial wellbeing for high earners changing?

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During REBA's

How the shifting role of trust is creating a greater responsibility for employers to provide financial benefits and support

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Research shows that within the past year people have significantly shifted their trust to the ...

The future of salary - will payroll [benefits] as we know it exist in 2025?

Mark Allcock, executive chief technology officer at Neyber, explored the key catalysts for cha...