REBA Technical Training Guide to Beating Burnout


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Work pressures, organisational change and personal worries can all contribute to poor wellbeing and potentially to burnout, posing a risk both to individuals and businesses. 

For employees experiencing burnout, lengthy stress-related absences from work are personally damaging. Burnout also hits business productivity, impacts other employees and damages corporate reputation.  

This guide will help you identify some of the core causes of burnout, why it matters to businesses and how to reduce the impact that it is having on your organisation.  


Maggie Williams

Content Director

Sam Barrett

Sam Barrett


Avoiding burnout requires commitment to deep-seated cultural change, from benefits design, through to workforce planning and management practices. 

That means addressing conflicts between wellbeing goals and business objectives, such as actively rewarding behaviours that can cause burnout. Putting employee wellbeing at the heart of business strategy – and meaning it – is a crucial starting point, as this guide shows.  


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About the authors  

This Technical Guide was devised by REBA, together with  Simplyhealth. It was written by Sam Barrett and Maggie Williams. The report was designed by Sally Ann Smith.   

Sam Barrett is a freelance journalist specialising in employee benefits, protection and personal finance. 

With more than 20 years' experience, she has edited a number of magazines and websites since starting out on trade publication Planned Savings. Sam went freelance in 2000 and has written for a variety of trade and consumer publications including Moneywise, Employee Benefits, Reward and Corporate Adviser. 

She has won many awards for her journalism including the Association of British Insurers' Freelance Financial Journalist of the Year, Protection Review's Outstanding Contribution to Protection Journalism and Headlinemoney's Financial Healthcare Journalist of the Year. 

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