Report: Business Mobility: everything you wanted to know about mobility

The concept and use of the word, “mobility” is increasingly prevalent across the fleet industry. As such, companies are engaging more fully with the concept of mobility and what it means for their employees and employer brand.

This Fleetworx report considers what mobility is and what it means for your business. It looks at what mobility demands you can expect from your employees and what the best strategy is for dealing with the changing mobility landscape.

Key findings

  • As the approach to employee mobility is drawn into sharper focus, the company car is rapidly becoming only one part of a broader mobility mix.
  • The development of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) has paved the way for numerous technology disruptors to regard the new deliverables of mobility as being technology, connectivity and service.
  • Mobility is increasingly about the ease and convenience with which someone moves from A to B, rather than the mode of transport.
  • Fleet and rental providers are changing to be influential in the growth of mobility. Alphabet now regard themselves as “business mobility partners” rather than a leasing company, while SIXT’s CEO states in the company's annual report that, customers are not concerned about their method of transport as long as they get quickly and conveniently to their destination.