Report: Employee Outlook: Focus on mental health in the workplace 2016

A new survey from the CIPD shows that nearly a third 31%) of people have experienced mental health problems while in employment. The figure is higher for female employees (36%) and for those working in the voluntary sector (46%).

The report also shows that there is more that employers need to do in order to develop a robust framework in this area.

Key findings: 

  • Of those employees who have experienced a mental health problem more than four in ten (42%) had a mental health problem over the last 12 months that affected their health and wellbeing.
  • Private sector employees (28%) are less likely to have experienced poor mental health previously.
  • Half of respondents who describe their mental health as poor have taken time off work for it but 49% have never taken time off.
  • Only 4% say that poor mental health does not affect their performance at work.