Report: The impact of artificial intelligence on the HR function

This paper analyses the benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) could bring in terms of increased efficiency and access to business data. It also considers the role of HR in minimising risks posed by the introduction of AI into global workplaces, such as unconscious bias in systems, employee and consumer objections, and how AI could stifle learning cultures.

In this paper, Peter Reilly, Institute for Employment Studies' principal associate, considers the impact of the rise of AI on the HR function.

Key findings

  • AI, robotics, drones and driverless vehicles will push up productivity and generate income which can be spent on the public good and research and development.
  • Reward and performance management (handling the bonus round, dealing with appraisals or managing job evaluation) can be sharpened up using AI tools, it can also be used for easier analysis.
  • Employee interaction with HR may be radically changed by AI.
  • HR should prepare the organisation for the AI revolution. This will mean ensuring that the workforce is ‘change-ready’ and prepared to embrace new technology.