Survey: 2018 EMEA Health Survey

This Aon survey aims to identify the key health issues and trends employers are facing as they develop their people risk strategies. Bigger than the 2016 edition, this year’s survey covers 22 countries and again finds interesting trends and differences in the ways employers across the region approach health and wellbeing.

Key findings

  • 95 per cent of employers see a correlation between health and employee performance (+2 per cent compared with 2016).
  • Only 40 per cent of organisations have a defined health strategy.
  • Only 22 per cent of employers use data to inform their strategy (-4 per cent on 2016).
  • 69 per cent of HR professionals see limited budget as the biggest barrier to achieving their aims.
  • Stress and mental health issues remain the top health and wellness challenge at 65 per cent.

A total of 913 employers / HR professionals participated in the survey, across 35 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The survey covers over 25 industries and 2.7 million employees.

The report includes results and analysis for the 22 countries which had at least 20 respondents with a validated questionnaire.