White paper: Benefits in the Digital Age – 5 Secrets of Success

This paper considers the top five challenges facing employers trying to deliver benefits in a digital world. Aon offers some practical ways that technology can help you tackle these challenges head on.

Key findings

  • Benefits aren’t strategic enough and don’t connect to the wider business plan – employers need to keep a keen eye on their employee value proposition to ensure it is meeting strategic objectives.
  • Millennials and gen x are less engaged with traditional benefits – if these aren’t resonating with employees, think more holistically about how you support them in their everyday lives.
  • Benefits technology is outdated – to get your employees involved with your benefits offering, you need to prioritise ease of use.
  • The need for simplification – programmes often become complicated over time. To get some clarity and begin harmonisation, review your offering and seek to strip away the things that make it complicated for your employees and HR team.
  • A disparate workforce – for many organisations, benefits information and resources can remain siloed across various business functions. To drive engagement, this should be brought together into one secure, accessible place.